Avenue on 7 – Thank You for our successful debut!

August 17, 2015

To date, Avenue on 7 has been a huge success and the team at iKore Developments couldn’t be more ecstatic. We knew that a new condo in Vaughan had to be something incredibly special, and we worked hard to make Avenue on 7 just that. Every detail from our sales centre, model suite, to our floor plans, amenities and even to the building itself were meticulously crafted to create an aura of quality, sophistication, elegance, and demure unmatched in the industry and the sales success to date demonstrates that; we truly believe we’ve achieved a space that meets the expected high-standard of excellence in the Vaughan area. Local response has been absolutely phenomenal; we set out to build something especially for the people here, and their warm embracement of the project really helps solidify what we had envisioned. After great sales and turnouts at our VIP broker, and family and friends events, and an array of accolades from visitors, agents, and industry types we feel as though we’ve done something really important in this neighbourhood. We want the community to thrive, and we hope that Avenue on 7 is a big step toward perpetual success and excellence here.

If you haven’t visited our sales centre you absolutely must! From the implementation of new touchscreen technologies, gorgeous II BY IV interior designs, and a full model suite to explore, it’s really a site to behold. We believe it to be one of the finest development shopping experiences out there, and we’d love for you to to visit us, have an espresso, and find your dream space in ours.

There are also still opportunities for the entrepreneurial minded. The Live-work units facing Highway 7 create a unique opportunity to have your own business with no commute. iKore is able to customize these units to best suit your ideal business and living space.

We also hope you’ll consider IKore Developments as the builder of your perfect space and that you’ll want to make Avenue on 7 home. We want to thank everyone involved for making every aspect of this project memorable and so successful thus far. There is a bright future for iKore on the horizon and we’re excited to experience it with you.