August 17

Avenue on 7 – Thank You for our successful debut!

August 17, 2015
To date, Avenue on 7 has been a huge success and the team at iKore Developments couldn’t be more ecstatic. We knew that a new condo in Vaughan had to be something incredibly special, and we worked hard to make Avenue on 7 just that. Every detail from our sales centre, model suite, to our floor plans, amenities and even to the building itself were meticulously crafted to create an aura of quality, sophistication, elegance, and demure unmatched in the industry and the sales success to date dem
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February 08

Follow the TTC: A big reason to invest in Vaughan

February 08, 2015
You’ve probably already heard about it. The TTC is making its way into Vaughan and things are about to change drastically. “But is change always a good thing?” You ask. Well, historically speaking, when a TTC station is involved the answer is a resounding yes, especially when it comes to investment opportunity and the value of real estate property. The “red pin effect” – which alludes to those seen on Google Maps demarcating the spots at which TTC stations lie – suggests that wh
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February 06

Meet Vaughan’s new Metropolitan Centre

February 06, 2015
Vaughan’s previous moniker, “The City Above Toronto” was in place to help people understand not only where it was physically situated, but also its value as a community and residential hub. That moniker has since been replaced as Vaughan’s forward momentum and public image has deemed it obsolete. Vaughan is now consistently rated as one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, and that speed is only set to increase. The new Metropolitan plan is poised to make Vaughan more than “above T
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February 04

Vaughan’s top 10 hot spots

February 04, 2015
Let’s face it; there are a lot of lists out there. From the best greasy spoons, and pizza parlours to the finest purveyors of yarn and knitting accessories, the Internet has it all covered. The problem is that it really only seems to focus on mega cities like Toronto. As you may have noticed, Vaughan is becoming a major contender in the race for urbanization; just look at places like Avenue on 7, a new boutique-style community just minutes from the coming Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and TTC st
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