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Avenue on 7 – Thank You for our successful debut!

August 17, 2015

To date, Avenue on 7 has been a huge success and the team at iKore Developments couldn’t be more ecstatic. We knew that a new condo in Vaughan had to be something incredibly special, and we worked hard to make Avenue on 7 just that. Every detail from our sales centre, model suite, to our floor plans, amenities and even to the building itself were meticulously crafted to create an aura of quality, sophistication, elegance, and demure unmatched in the industry and the sales success to date demonstrates that; we truly believe we’ve achieved a space that meets the expected high-standard of excellence in the Vaughan area. Local response has been absolutely phenomenal; we set out to build something especially for the people here, and their warm embracement of the project really helps solidify what we had envisioned. After great sales and turnouts at our VIP broker, and family and friends events, and an array of accolades from visitors, agents, and industry types we feel as though we’ve done something really important in this neighbourhood. We want the community to thrive, and we hope that Avenue on 7 is a big step toward perpetual success and excellence here.

If you haven’t visited our sales centre you absolutely must! From the implementation of new touchscreen technologies, gorgeous II BY IV interior designs, and a full model suite to explore, it’s really a site to behold. We believe it to be one of the finest development shopping experiences out there, and we’d love for you to to visit us, have an espresso, and find your dream space in ours.

There are also still opportunities for the entrepreneurial minded. The Live-work units facing Highway 7 create a unique opportunity to have your own business with no commute. iKore is able to customize these units to best suit your ideal business and living space.

We also hope you’ll consider IKore Developments as the builder of your perfect space and that you’ll want to make Avenue on 7 home. We want to thank everyone involved for making every aspect of this project memorable and so successful thus far. There is a bright future for iKore on the horizon and we’re excited to experience it with you.

Follow the TTC: A big reason to invest in Vaughan

February 8, 2015

You’ve probably already heard about it. The TTC is making its way into Vaughan and things are about to change drastically. “But is change always a good thing?” You ask. Well, historically speaking, when a TTC station is involved the answer is a resounding yes, especially when it comes to investment opportunity and the value of real estate property.

The “red pin effect” – which alludes to those seen on Google Maps demarcating the spots at which TTC stations lie – suggests that where the Toronto Transit Commission goes, developments follow and subsequently flourish; but where’s the proof?

Don Campbell analyst and author of a 27-page report on the real estate focused implications of the TTC’s new installation says that resale value of the homes and residences in the vicinity of the new Vaughan Metro station will see a forecasted 10-20% increase. If that’s not enough for you The Real Estate Investment Network ranked Vaughan among the 11 communities in its Top Ontario Investment Towns 2014 report due in large part to the new station and surrounding square; still not enough for you? The new Vaughan Metro Centre that will be built alongside the new station is set to create 11,000 new jobs of which a minimum of 5,000 will be office positions.

From artisan dining experiences, local purveyors of sundry and handcrafted goods, and galleries to world-class theatres, lifestyle options, and now transit Vaughan is truly becoming a place that can tangle with Toronto when it comes to urban living. With the addition of new jobs and with them a stream of youthful, inspiring, and trail-blazing inhabitants this is the new place to be in Ontario.

So, you’re convinced; but how do you get in on the action? Well, as you’d expect at this point there are a plethora of new purchase options available in the area; but be weary of quantity as it often means a lack of quality. If you’re looking for a refined, convenient, close, and incredibly well-built space in the area, look no further than Avenue on 7, Vaughan’s most exciting new condo development. It’s the perfect example of Vaughan’s movement toward an urban-styled hub without losing any of its already deep cultural character. They’ve brought on renowned II by IV Architects who’ve worked exclusively in Toronto until this point, so the building will have an entirely different feeling from anything available in the area. This is downtown uptown. If you’d like to learn more, you can register at

Meet Vaughan’s new Metropolitan Centre

February 6, 2015

Vaughan’s previous moniker, “The City Above Toronto” was in place to help people understand not only where it was physically situated, but also its value as a community and residential hub. That moniker has since been replaced as Vaughan’s forward momentum and public image has deemed it obsolete. Vaughan is now consistently rated as one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, and that speed is only set to increase.

The new Metropolitan plan is poised to make Vaughan more than “above Toronto;” it’s trying to equal it. There are plans to build up an area of 442 acres, which will be used as an amenities, culture, commerce, and residential hub. No other city has intertwined these aspects of life as well as Toronto; Vaughan is about to.

The Metropolitan Centre will feature modern offices, upscale restaurants and shopping, cafes, hotels, spanning residential complexes, walkways and bicycle networks, cultural and art facilities, and incredible urban squares likened to the finest in the world. But there are two numbers that stand out and are the most impressive aspect of the entire project.

The new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will accommodate 25,000 residents and create 11,000 new jobs. All of this will be made possible by an extensive, north-reaching public transit plan including a centralized TTC subway station as well as VIVA bus and light-rail routes which will make moving eat and west across the GTA more efficient and far less stressful.

Both living and investment opportunities are currently available and selling; if you’d like to become a part of the exciting new Vaughan and get into its most attractive new building, you’ll want to check out Avenue on 7, the perfect mix of urban living and Woodbridge style. You can experience the new Metropolitan Centre while living with luxury and panache by visiting

Vaughan’s top 10 hot spots

February 4, 2015

Let’s face it; there are a lot of lists out there. From the best greasy spoons, and pizza parlours to the finest purveyors of yarn and knitting accessories, the Internet has it all covered. The problem is that it really only seems to focus on mega cities like Toronto. As you may have noticed, Vaughan is becoming a major contender in the race for urbanization; just look at places like Avenue on 7, a new boutique-style community just minutes from the coming Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and TTC station. If these types of spots are popping up, why aren’t we concentrating some of those efforts on Vaughan? It has so much to offer.

Here’s a list of the top 10 hot spots in the area in no specific order:

Zona Caffe – A modern twist on classic Italian style and fare. Home to a beautiful Victoria Arduino espresso machine –regarded as the Ferrari of coffee makers- Zona has become the go-to java joint for those craving a perfectly pulled espresso, latte, or cappuccino. If you’re feeling peckish, try something from their hot table, it never disappoints.

McMichael Art Gallery – Featuring only Canadian art, the McMichael offers almost 6,000 pieces for viewing, ranging from a large collection of Group of Seven’s to beautiful First Nations and Inuit art. This is a true taste of culture in Vaughan, and an opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s finest. Bring a camera along as the McMichael grounds offer up some incredible landscapes. Get the inspiration needed to create some art of your own.

The Burger’s Priest – Yes! The Toronto favourite now has a home in Vaughan, and their location on Weston Road is just as delicious as the original. Try one of their signature burgers like The Vatican, or something off of their secret menu like The Holy Smoke. Greasy, gooey, good!

Structube – If modern, angular furniture is your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out Structube. It’s a fashion forward Canadian company with lots of options for any and all of your furnishing and decorating needs. A great spot for condo sized furniture.

The Kortright Centre for Conservation – This is one of Vaughan’s greatest little gems. Go on an “Owl Prowl” and meet some live owls, learn owl calls, and enjoy a beautiful nature walk. As well, you can indulge in the centre’s Maple Syrup Festival, where you’ll see how our nation’s liquid gold is harvested and the best ways to serve it; lots of samples and treats along the way.

Vaughan Mills – If you haven’t been to this mall, you’re missing out. With over 200 retail stores and a vast selection of designers, food, and housewares at fantastic price points, this mall isn’t just a mall; it’s a luxury shopping experience. Check out Lucky Strike Lanes while you’re there and finish your day with some great drinks and boutique bowling.

Corsa Meccanica – Italian motorcycles aren’t just incredibly cool, they’re incredibly beautiful. Whether you’ve been riding all of your life, are looking to get into the sport, or just want to enjoy some sleek lines, visit Corsa Meccanica for a chic, gear-head inspired experience. Check out Moto Guzzi’s new V7 Café Racer while you’re there; it’s like stepping back in time.

Quality Cheese – Artisan cheese as it should be. Almerigo Borgo has been making cheese –by hand- since 1957, and his experience shines through his products. From fresh ricotta, bocconcini, and friulano, to a perfectly crafted and award winning buffalo mozzarella, you really can’t go wrong at aptly named Quality Cheese.

AC Milan Sports Centre – With over 93,000 square feet of space, this massive sports complex offers some really motivating, active options. Join a soccer league or get some one-on-one training from some of the best in the country. If you’re lucky you can catch AC Milan Academy or Scuola Calcio players doing their thing on one of the many indoor fields.

Memphis BBQ – Don’t be fooled by the looks of this place. If you’re craving some serious bbq in Vaughan, Memphis won’t disappoint! Slathered ribs, wings, and pulled pork highlight their menu, but if you’re really hungry opt for The Elvis combo which features all three items plus coleslaw, fries, baked beans, and cornbread! Wear your stretchy jeans to this one.