Follow the TTC: A big reason to invest in Vaughan

February 8, 2015

You’ve probably already heard about it. The TTC is making its way into Vaughan and things are about to change drastically. “But is change always a good thing?” You ask. Well, historically speaking, when a TTC station is involved the answer is a resounding yes, especially when it comes to investment opportunity and the value of real estate property.

The “red pin effect” – which alludes to those seen on Google Maps demarcating the spots at which TTC stations lie – suggests that where the Toronto Transit Commission goes, developments follow and subsequently flourish; but where’s the proof?

Don Campbell analyst and author of a 27-page report on the real estate focused implications of the TTC’s new installation says that resale value of the homes and residences in the vicinity of the new Vaughan Metro station will see a forecasted 10-20% increase. If that’s not enough for you The Real Estate Investment Network ranked Vaughan among the 11 communities in its Top Ontario Investment Towns 2014 report due in large part to the new station and surrounding square; still not enough for you? The new Vaughan Metro Centre that will be built alongside the new station is set to create 11,000 new jobs of which a minimum of 5,000 will be office positions.

From artisan dining experiences, local purveyors of sundry and handcrafted goods, and galleries to world-class theatres, lifestyle options, and now transit Vaughan is truly becoming a place that can tangle with Toronto when it comes to urban living. With the addition of new jobs and with them a stream of youthful, inspiring, and trail-blazing inhabitants this is the new place to be in Ontario.

So, you’re convinced; but how do you get in on the action? Well, as you’d expect at this point there are a plethora of new purchase options available in the area; but be weary of quantity as it often means a lack of quality. If you’re looking for a refined, convenient, close, and incredibly well-built space in the area, look no further than Avenue on 7, Vaughan’s most exciting new condo development. It’s the perfect example of Vaughan’s movement toward an urban-styled hub without losing any of its already deep cultural character. They’ve brought on renowned II by IV Architects who’ve worked exclusively in Toronto until this point, so the building will have an entirely different feeling from anything available in the area. This is downtown uptown. If you’d like to learn more, you can register at