Meet Vaughan’s new Metropolitan Centre

February 6, 2015

Vaughan’s previous moniker, “The City Above Toronto” was in place to help people understand not only where it was physically situated, but also its value as a community and residential hub. That moniker has since been replaced as Vaughan’s forward momentum and public image has deemed it obsolete. Vaughan is now consistently rated as one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, and that speed is only set to increase.

The new Metropolitan plan is poised to make Vaughan more than “above Toronto;” it’s trying to equal it. There are plans to build up an area of 442 acres, which will be used as an amenities, culture, commerce, and residential hub. No other city has intertwined these aspects of life as well as Toronto; Vaughan is about to.

The Metropolitan Centre will feature modern offices, upscale restaurants and shopping, cafes, hotels, spanning residential complexes, walkways and bicycle networks, cultural and art facilities, and incredible urban squares likened to the finest in the world. But there are two numbers that stand out and are the most impressive aspect of the entire project.

The new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will accommodate 25,000 residents and create 11,000 new jobs. All of this will be made possible by an extensive, north-reaching public transit plan including a centralized TTC subway station as well as VIVA bus and light-rail routes which will make moving eat and west across the GTA more efficient and far less stressful.

Both living and investment opportunities are currently available and selling; if you’d like to become a part of the exciting new Vaughan and get into its most attractive new building, you’ll want to check out Avenue on 7, the perfect mix of urban living and Woodbridge style. You can experience the new Metropolitan Centre while living with luxury and panache by visiting